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Second level photography course

The course is divided into 13 meetings, on a weekly basis, for a total of 28 hours of theoretical and practical lessons.

  • Photographic genres: landscape, portrait, still life, documentary, etc.

  • The photographic language: composition, style, meaning

  • Technical insight: export RAW, histogram, tonal and dynamic range files

  • Landscape and architecture photography

  • External exercise: landscape and architecture photography

  • Basic elements for using selection and editing programs (Adobe Lightroom, Bridge, In Design)

  • Editing: analysis and selection of the photographs taken

  • Portrait and still life. Practical exercise in the studio: lighting techniques

  • Documentary photography: reportage, street photography, events

  • External exercise: documentary photography

  • Editing: analysis and selection of the photographs taken

  • The portfolio: what it is, how it is made, what it looks like

  • Editing and final revision of the portfolios and works selected for the exhibition

  • Final show

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