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Basic Digital Post-Production Course

It is divided into 8 lessons, one a week, of two hours each.

Course program:

- Brief history of manipulation from its origins to today.

- The digital image, the sensor, quality parameters.

- The raw format.

- The software interface.

- The menu bar. The instruments. The Palette. The work area.

- The raster image. Pixel and resolution.

- The Raw format.

- Image management.

- First steps for retouching. The analysis.

- The histogram.

- Introduction to the concepts of Levels.

- The adjustments.

- The selections and brushes.

- Exposure and light.

- Tone optimization.

- Applying the contrast.

- White balance and color temperature.

- The Black and White.

- Conversion techniques.

- The Nik Silver Efex Pro filter.

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